Vinny Appice Tour Dates

Upcoming Tour and Apperance Dates
Date Venue Location
09-21-17Drum WarsDingbatsClifton, NJ
09-22-17Drum WarsCutting RoomNew York, NY
09-23-17Drum WarsTupalo Music HallDerry, NH
09-29-17Drum WarsVamp'dLas Vegas, NV
10-22-17Rock Show W/ Tony Franklin and Craig GoldyMurrieta Arts StudiosMurrieta, CA
11-02-17Last In lineUpstate Concert HallClifton Park, NY
11-03-17Last In lineSherman TheaterStroudsburg, PA
11-04-17Last In lineMulcahy's Pub & Concert HallWantagh, NY
11-05-17Last In lineTupelo Music HallDerry, NH
11-17-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathDowntown Bluesclub Hamburg, GR
11-18-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathII PeociaTrofarello, Italy
11-19-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathRock Towers FestivalBologna, Italy
11-21-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathReigen LiveVienna, Austria
11-22-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathRock CafèBratislava, Slovakia
11-23-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathCollosseumKosice, Slovakia
11-24-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathKino RegisBochni, Poland
11-26-17Vinny Appice-Evening of Black SabbathBergkeller Reichenbach, Germany
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